The Electric Kool Service Dr. Francene Gayle – Providing Healthcare to Every Member of the Family

Dr. Francene Gayle – Providing Healthcare to Every Member of the Family

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Family medicine is a specialty that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of adults, children, and adolescents for diverse medical conditions. It includes diagnosing, treating and managing acute and chronic illnesses; assessing patients’ risk factors for disease; intervening with healthy-lifestyle changes or social services to help patients achieve their goals; and working as an advocate for patients.

A family medicine physician like Dr Francene Gayle works to keep you and your whole family healthy. If something is wrong, they will help figure out what’s wrong and give you the best treatment possible. It is your family’s health care home. They want to know about you and your family — health care. Family medicine practitioners are skilled in caring for the whole family. The practice focuses on prevention, management and treatment of health problems that affect the entire household, from infants to older adults. Families are able to access same day appointments and additional medical care from a wide range of specialists whenever they need it.

Take into Consideration the Health of Every Member of the Family

New family medicine doctors Dr Francene Gayle use the latest technology to provide quality care, communicate with the patient, and provide the best care for their patients. It focuses on the medical needs of families. For example, these doctors help patients of all ages with chronic conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure and asthma. A family physician can also provide preventive care by reviewing your child’s growth and school history, scheduling regular physical exams during childhood and adolescent years, performing routine laboratory testing to help detect various health problems early on, counseling patients about improving their nutrition and exercise habits, as well as providing shots and vaccinations.

Family Medicine is a general internal medicine subspecialty that focuses on the health care of all members of the family, including routine care, acute problems and long-term disease management. It’s also home to some of the most common, yet preventable and treatable diseases.

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