The Electric Kool Service Redefining Walls: MDF Strips for Panelling

Redefining Walls: MDF Strips for Panelling

Redefining Walls: MDF Strips for Panelling post thumbnail image

Are you currently hunting for a approach to provide existence into the living space or fatigued of the identical aged wall surfaces? There’s various possibilities in relation to wall design, but there’s one simple option that you could not have ever considered: MDF panel strips! MDF panel strips are an remarkable layout element that gives a traditional and sophisticated look to your rooms. Regardless of whether you’re relocating to a fresh property or would like to enhance a classic one particular, including MDF panel strips to your design would be a classy and budget-warm and friendly option.

Let’s discuss what MDF panel strips are and why they’re ideal. MDF is short for Medium Occurrence Fiberboard, which is actually a mixture of resin, wax tart, and hardwood shavings. MDF is definitely an eco-helpful, price range-warm and friendly materials which is easy to work alongside and possesses a smooth finish corresponding to solid wood. With regards to panel strips, MDF is sliced into slender sections which can be set for your wall surfaces. The strips can come pre-prepared and ready to fresh paint, so that you can pick any shade that suits your thing. Don’t worry if you’ve never completed any DIY assignments earlier panel strips are easy to set up and rather user-pleasant.

A very common strategy to include wood strips for panelling is to try using these to make table and batten wainscotting. Wainscotting the type of paneling that typically includes the base 1 / 2 of a wall and acts both an cosmetic and functional function – shielding the wall from dings and scratches. Wainscotting goes back to the 1700s and was often employed in dining bedrooms or entrance places. Dressing an area with board and batten in wainscotting design has become increasing in reputation to get a 10 years, and even for good explanation. It not only elevates space but is also a great way of including personality into a uninteresting, overlooked wall.

Another way to use MDF panel strips is to produce a declaration wall. Select one wall in the room and slap in the MDF panel strips to get quick consideration. Regardless of whether building a wonderful herringbone style or possibly a straightforward grid, MDF panel strips add sizing to the area, which isn’t feasible with a smooth, painted wall. For your daring, use daring-shaded panel strips or mix different-size strips to generate a textured seem that will make every person seeking to contact the gorgeous 3D effect.

MDF panel strips develop a simple false impression of depth, creating a area appear bigger than it is. By laying the panel strips within a diagonal or other angular style, you could make an impression that makes the wall surfaces look like receding, generating the room look more voluminous and extraordinary. This trick is specially beneficial for smaller sized areas or residences with lowered ceiling levels. A gorgeous strategy to enhance a room wall is usually to add more MDF panel strips behind the bed headboard. This can not merely add a seem of degree and texture on the place but will also shield the wall behind your bed from scratches or maybe messy from recurring dress in-and-damage.


In simple, MDF panel strips aren’t just about wall decor they’re about making something outstanding unusual. They supply an increased-top quality seem that is finances-warm and friendly, the perfect combination for almost any homeowner. So, rather than checking out the same, unexciting wall surfaces every day, add some measurement and degree for your space. Including MDF panel strips might have been the lacking piece in your home’s style, making it sense total and comfortable. It’s time to wear your imaginative hats and obtain creating, to the outcome is going to be nearly anything but regular.

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